Real Help For Real People

Over the years,  I have helped frustrated people enjoy their pools, spas and hot tubs. When I first started in this business, it was frustrating when water was bad and finding it difficult to get real answers to the problem. It wasn’t until I found sources of information and field experience to realize the cause and effect of various chemicals and water conditions.

Don’t wast your time on forums where people keep asking the same questions over and over and getting marginal answers.

Let me help you enjoy your hot tub without having to buy lots of expensive chemical bottles and trips to the hot tub store. When you have the right tools and information, water care becomes easy. Most items you will need are readily available where you do most of your shopping at a reasonable cost.

I promise, this will be the last place you will need to go in order to easily maintain your hot tub’s water and provide clean, clear and comfortable aquatic environment.

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