Almost Magical Results

Actually, it’s not rocket science but cause and effect. Many problems are actually caused by the very chemicals sold to maintain hot tubs. You get easy instructions on how to maintain your hot tub.


Quick Transformation

Drain, refill and follow easy instructions. You will also reduce the need to drain your tub to once or twice in year in many cases.


Save Money

Stop buying expensive, hot tub chemicals. Most items can be purchased wherever you do your regular shopping.

Proven, Guaranteed Solution

Tired of the results provided by the so-called experts? Are you ready to start enjoying your hot tub without having to constantly buy expensive chemicals and slaving over it?


The Scoop

No, this isn’t too good to be true. I have been helping people with water quality issues for over over 30 years and I can help you too. Face it, it’s time to relax and enjoy your tub. Forget about all the noise, if you aren’t happy with easy maintenance and actually enjoying your hot tub, simply let me know and send it back for a full refund. You have 60 days.